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Updated June 26, 2019

It’s hard to believe summer solstice has been and gone, and my last newsletter came out prior to my successful show in Canmore at Elevation Gallery back in November! Time is a fickle thing lately, and Margo and I continue to find our feet after all the moves and changes in our lives.

First and most importantly I am back at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk in Edmonton this July! In 10 days… I know, I know, I do recall saying last year was my last, but I simply can’t turn it down yet. I will have a new location – regrettably we have been kicked out of McIntyre Park. Catch me at the new 105 Street closure (along with other park exiles) south of Whyte Avenue (between Chianti’s and the new Remedy Cafe). I will be there July 5-7 from 10-5. For more information about this fun event visit I have created a wealth of new oil paintings for this event, and I am very excited about the quality and feeling of these new paintings! All new paintings are uploaded onto this website already so feel free to preview the new works! I have really been enjoying some of the exaggerated formats this year, especially the very tall and very skinny!

In other news, I am delighted to announce that I am now fully represented by Gibson Fine Art in Calgary. Patti Gibson and I have worked closely on a number of select corporate installations over the years, and it is now time that I furnish the walls of her lovely gallery at 628 11 Ave SW. It has been probably 12 years since I have had representation in the city of Calgary (back in the days of Art Is Vital Gallery with Jill Peterson!) and it is good to be back! Visit the gallery’s website for more information

Margo and I eloped and got married in Tofino on April 30! With everything we’ve had going on, it just seemed like the best thing to do. Expect to see some seascapes from the west coast later this year! The weather was incredible (as was the day), and an artist’s heaven. On return we finally got our new website up and running – it’s an all encompassing website that covers the breadth of what we are offering here in Jasper. Take the time to explore all of it!

A lot of people have been wondering… what happens when prairie boy meets mountains? It has started to happen! What is the defining feature that keeps me grounded here? The flat line, a horizon with a difference. I can’t imagine that’s the end of my prairie scenes at all, but it is interesting for me to see how the mountains are beginning to influence my work. I’m also bringing out something new for this year’s Art Walk – affordable art in the form of block prints of Jasper’s key mountain views. Matted and shrink-wrapped I’ll be selling these for $100 each. Come visit me at Art Walk to see!

That’s all for this time – thank you for reading, and I’ll be updating you towards the end of summer with some more exciting updates and developments with my career!

And I hope to see many of you out at this year’s Art Walk on Whyte!


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