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Updated January 10, 2017

Let me first wish you all a very Happy New Year, and may you be blessed with a most wonderful year ahead.

I am writing to announce my first solo show in five years. It has been a long time coming. A whole bunch of “life” happened, and now that that has all settled, I am back in roaring, painting action, and I have created a body of work that I am very excited about. I think this is my largest and finest show to date.

Chakra Suite – healing with landscape is being hosted by Elevation Gallery in Canmore. Check out the gallery’s website for more information. In brief the show is an exploration of colour. A few years ago I was plunged into the mysterious and beautiful world of shamanic healing. It wasn’t a choice, more of an imperative – an order from spirit. I accepted the role and embarked on a new and additional career. As I explored and healed through the various chakras, it was so clear to me that my work in the spiritual realm of colour was a direct tie-in to the physical world of my colourful paintings. This bold and colourful body of work is an exploration of both art and healing.


All paintings are available for viewing on this website as well as the gallery’s and visit my fan page on Facebook for other uploads and news.

I cherish my collectors and enthusiasts, and dearly hope that many of you can make it out to the show on the 21st, and for those that can’t, I hope that you will at least enjoy it virtually wherever you prefer.

Now, as if the last few years weren’t monumental in their own right, 2017 is already shaping up to be a big one! So, please continue to read, as I have so much more news and life altering events to share ahead this year.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and love of my work.


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